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Commercial Loans

Traditionally, sourcing the right commercial mortgage for your client can be complicated if it’s not your usual type of business and you may find it a very time consuming process, there are now many lenders available who all have their own unique place in the market and it can be very confusing as to which ones right for your client.


Beech Introducers, have an experienced team of commercial mortgage/Loans specialist advisors who work with a network of leading niche lenders. We try to understand exactly what your client wants and needs and then source a product to the lender(s) that best fit for the specific requirements of your business.

Whether your clients looking to expand and require additional office space or looking to purchase their first retail premises, we can provide lenders who suit both start-up and existing businesses.

We offer all the usual perks of a commercial mortgage broker, and as such, are often able to access better deals than you would be offered if you approached the lender directly.


What you should expect from us as your Packager


Complete professionalism – so often businesses approach commercial mortgage brokers and are then left in the dark, none the wiser about the progress of their mortgage. We work differently. We ensure you are informed of each development as and when it happens, and keep in contact with our introducers to ensure a seamless transaction.

Attention to detail – we make sure every ‘T’ is crossed and ‘i’ dotted, leaving nothing to chance. This reduces the possibility of delays or last-minute hitches, resulting in a timely, professional and accurate outcome.

Increased appeal to lenders – our experienced advisors know exactly how to package your business to make it attractive to lenders, we know which lenders to approach for specific products, ensuring the very best deal for you and your client.

Below are some criteria highlights that you can currently get access to via Beech Introducers for Commercial properties and Land.

ü  1st & 2nd charges

ü  Up to 80% LTV Owner occupied and investment property

ü  Will lend on unusual property types

ü  Rates from 3.0% + Base rate

ü  Loans from £26000-2.5 Million

ü  Adverse accepted

ü  Terms from 7-30 years

ü  Will lend in England, Scotland & Wales

ü  Interest only on Owner occupied and investment properties up to 75% LTV

ü  Maximum LTV for land is 50%

To submit an enquiry to Beech Introducers we just need a completed fact find which you can download once you’ve registered on our website.


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