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The Process

The Process

The current rules require you as the Introducer and Adviser to have the correct permissions to provide advice to your customers

Beech Finance Ltd will be acting as what’s known as a “pure packager”, please familiarise yourself with the rules on Pure packaging below:

  • Beech Finance Ltd will not contact your client(s) under any circumstances and that includes giving advice under the Mortgage Terms and Conditions
  • The Introducing firm will be responsible for the advice given to their client(s) on the products Beech Finance Ltd will be packaging
  • The introducing broker will submit a Beech Finance Ltd Fact Find to us via our website This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Beech Finance Ltd on receipt of the fact find will then source suitable products for the firm’s clients and provide them with a detailed explanation of the outcome
  • Beech Finance Ltd will provide our introducing firms with a underwriting summary for each case for their compliance records to evidence why a particular lender and product was chosen
  • Beech Finance Ltd will provide the introducing firm with a Mortgage Illustrations (ESIS) on each case that we have sourced a lender and product
  • The Mortgage Illustration (ESIS) will show you the introducing firm as the party giving the advice and Beech Finance Ltd as the packager
  • The advising broker will discuss the products with their clients and let Beech Finance Ltd know the outcome, should the clients wish to proceed further then Beech Finance Ltd will post and where possible email the necessary documents to the Advisor. Beech Finance Ltd will then package the application, obtaining any relevant information such as BSQ’s, obtain the first mortgagees consent where required and instruct valuations
  • If the application changes in anyway which results in a new Mortgage Illustration (ESIS) needing to be issued, then the introducing broker would be responsible for advising the client of the revised terms

PLEASE NOTE: During the Mortgage process Beech Finance Ltd will direct any questions that the client may have to you the introducing broker

We do offer an advised sale process- please contact us for details







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